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We are aware of the expectations of new users and are continually refining our game based on your feedback.
We want to hear all your thoughts on the game. You can easily leave feedback by logging into “Feedback” using your Google account, visiting the “Help” section in the game, and selecting the “Help” icon, which is located on the bottom right of the screen, as shown in the following screenshot. This will allow us to continue to make this game enjoyable for both veteran users and newcomers.
Thank you.

This game is currently available in English and Korean, and its official language is English.

1. A Detailed Story that Will Take your Heart With It
In this game, the story is divided into five episodes.
Episode 1: Rescue of the Lightbringer — Rescue the Lightbringer, who was captured by the orc enemy, and find a way to escape the land of death, in order to save the Elden Kingdom.
Episode 2: Lost Princess — An adventuress named Taryn is interested in the legend of the Lightbringer, and goes to the Lands Between in pursuit of it. There, she meets three new characters.
Episode 3: Suspended Journey — A story of Taryn and the Lightbringer. This episode is a key episode in the “In Search of the Lightbringer” scenario.
Episode 4: The Last Request of the Forgotten Elden — The story of the Lightbringer, who was captured by the orcs. The Lightbringer is pursued by the dark elf queen of the elves, and is entrusted with the last request of the lost Elden Kingdom.
Episode 5: The Fall of Gurgur — After overcoming the land of death, the Lightbringer and a girl named Taryn meet with each other again. They go through the lands between of all the Elf and Orc countries in order to find a way back home to the Elden Kingdom.
2. A Devoted Adventurer Who Will Naturally Grow through the Journey
The character system of “Elden Ring” allows you to freely determine your path of development. With a variety of quests, jobs, and challenges, you can seamlessly increase your character’s power or further cultivate your relationship with the Lightbringer.
You can freely change your class when you reach certain levels.
3. A Dynamic, Vast World
With nine nations and an archipelago of islands, the Lands Between is


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Features Key:

  • Age: 6+
  • Elden Ring Online
  • Users: Many

    In order to keep up with the ongoing development of this huge fantasy action RPG, we will provide regular updates, such as new features, events and items. We will also announce the release date when the game is completed.
    Let’s continue the fantasy action adventure now.
    Thank you for your interest in the Elden Ring.

    Thu, 02 Jan 2012 18:50:51 +0000Heyoya1255258 at NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG opens a new world with open fields, huge dungeons, and vast world scenario

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG Opens a New World with Open Fields, Huge Dungeons, and Vast World Scenario

    Elden Ring Key Features:

    • Age: 6+
    • Elden Ring Online
    • Users: Many
    • Elden Signature
      Players can customize the look of their character and enjoy an endless variety of content by mixing Elden Signature slots (max 8) of different colors.

    • Elden Signature Logo
      Place a custom logo on your combat armor and continue your adventures in style!
    • Customizable Skill
      You can develop skills, upgrade skills, and access the setting that you like. Make a unique character and forge your own way in the Lands Between.
    • Passive Skill
      Even though a skill isn’t activated, its effects can still be applied.

    • Grappling
      Use grapple so you can swing around enemies and obstacles.

    • Use Magic
      Use elements, refine elements using other elements, and add on elements to create a variety of magic abilities.
    • Pick Up
      Pick up items to increase your use capabilities.

    • Equip Weapons and Armor
      Equip items such as your war hammer, shield, and bracers as you progress.
    • Roll
      Embrace the high-speed action of the open field and


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      Not bad, I thought it was pretty fun. The interface isn’t really easy to use (at least for me) and I didn’t find it very intuitive. I think that I was a lot more familiar with my other character, which is difficult to say, because I haven’t played much action rpgs.

      But overall I think it was a pretty solid game. I felt it had a lot of potential and a lot of good qualities, a lot of which were sadly left untapped. Of course, the lack of content and the same race as half of all the races is going to limit you a lot, even if you are a very skilled player. And you will always be considered an amateur player by the game due to the huge gap between non-elite and elite players (except if you’re in the higher tiers).

      I got out of the beginning by raising my level to level 4, and the absolute leveling cap was only level 6, but after that my experience levelled just fine. I didn’t have any problems with trolls, no problem with the difficulty in the higher levels, I didn’t have to grind for levels, I didn’t have any problems with planning, I didn’t have to go back to a tutorial at all, and I got into the advanced storyline relatively smoothly.

      The game offers a lot of possibilities for character development. Everything can be changed, you can start with a completely different race, you can change your male/female body in the character creator, you can change your skills, you can even change your class, which itself has 20 different possibilities. You can even change your race during the game if you prefer it, and you can also unlock different vendors at each level.

      The game is very well made, with a unique artstyle and lots of details, but most of all it is very clean, with no bad textures or bugs, everything works well. There are some small bugs that are easily ignored, like broken textures. I don’t know if there will be anything fixed because of the genre, but it was great anyway.

      If you’re looking for a pretty typical fantasy rpg, then I’d say that this isn’t it, but if you love fantasy rpgs and you want something different, then I suggest giving it a try, at least once. I’m sure you will enjoy the game.

      Opinion: The game is fun, has some good


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      – High Quality Graphics
      – A Different World that Fans Will Love
      – A High Difficulty that Fans Won’t Get Bored of
      A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.


      – Combine the various skills and elemental attributes of the sword, making it “one of the most beautiful and lethal weapons of the world”
      – Sword is a weapon capable of connecting to other blades, which increases its damage and greatly enhances its lethality
      – Equipping and Awakening Blade can learn up to eight skills and four elements, including lethality, armament, and defense
      – Skills used to enhance the lethality of a blade can be learned with Blade Awakening Points, which you can earn by fighting enemies. Blade Awakening can be obtained by equipping certain weapons or by gaining levels.


      – Equip and Awakening Weapons are obtained through the progression of a main character, a process that focuses on the choice of style and lethality of the weapon. You can equip a large number of weapons from the start, but you cannot always fit them onto your main character
      – Weapon can be combined and adjusted depending on your play style. By using this function, you can learn various combinations and increase the lethality of the weapon


      – Increase your defense by equipping solid and light armor
      – Equipping and Awakening Armor can learn up to 12 skills and 6 elements, including defense, attack power, and evasive abilities.


      – As the main job of your main character is dueling, you can choose a class based on your play style or level. By leveling up, it will be possible to learn new skills
      – Different classes can obtain higher levels of proficiency in weapons, equipping skills, and abilities than others


      – As a main character, if you connect with other players through the online element, you can travel together. With your additional skills, you can also become a valuable co-op partner


      – A Multilayered Story with a Touch of Fantasy
      – A Fantasy that Connects You to Other Players
      – A Fantasy with the Power of Myth
      A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      A soulless devil has snatched the princess of a castle and imprisoned her in her tower. Now, the prince wants to release her from her terrible prison but needs someone to do the job on her behalf.
      Where should the stranger take her? Is it the right place or should he avoid the trap in this captivating story created solely for mobile!

      Gained three new races, King of Dragons, Devil of Souls, and Beast of Wrath, with full graphics. Now it’s the time to feed your battles of this unbeatable monster.

      Banbakku the Leaf – Child of Darkness is a Pop visual novel developed by DevMaster. In this story, Banbakku, the Child of Darkness, finds himself with a human woman after he is chased down by his master. With the woman as his partner, they run and hide from the authorities.

      In Banbakku the Leaf – Child of Darkness, various endings can be tried in order to experience the different points in the story.

      -Other contents besides the romance:
      New ensembles for the two male characters (LadyBanbakku and PrinceBanbakku).
      New ensembles for the two female characters (Rosemarie, Lanciosa, and Princess Peach).
      -Find a modern idol’s twin sister and your child will become a wealthy man -A mysterious tea set
      -A Sin of Thought content that lets your character’s personality develop
      -Enjō Activities (a link to the website is sent through e-mail) such as Marble and Honey
      -Fairy Travel Packs, Dream contents, and the best of the Best Ending
      -A world map! Let your imagination go, and even flee into a game of Dominoes!

      Although it began as a parody, the fun is only being extended as it progresses as an innovative story-driven game.

      Goblin Story’s protagonist, the cunningly evil goblin Antonio Bucca, finds himself transported deep into the sublevels of the dungeon. He finds himself in a world full of fantasy swords and monsters.

      In order to escape, he must dig deeper into the dungeon to find a way up. Deep down in the dungeon lies the leader of a legendary secret society, above whom is a dark entity.

      Can he escape from this sealed dungeon of monsters?

      > Experience the depth of motion graphics in


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