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RPG style gameplay has no predefined requirements for different combinations of characters.
Players can progress through the story in various ways, using their own approach
Fully voiced dialogs and a fully voiced protagonist
Genuine story with a twist: you get to participate in the investigation.
Life-like reality: single-player and Multiplayer open world

about game:

Action is focused on the discovery of the truth and discovery of the mysteries. Game play is different from RPG or action game. It is a detective thriller with an open world on a beautiful island. Playing this game is a detective game to find out the truth, but playing this game is more than this. Playing it is to capture the real life of detective game, sometimes it is like a detective-thriller story. Players can visit any place on island to investigate.

Backed by a game studio with strong expertise and rich experience in the production of RPG and RPGs, we are confident that this project will make players enjoy the peaceful island life.

In this preview, we will introduce the map of the player’s travels in the open world of the game and give you a glimpse of the massive world ahead.

We plan to release this game in the future, please kindly follow our progress.

We have a non-compete clause, we will not work on this game if other companies get in the way. The reason why we are confident in this project is because we have a strong backing, thus we do not wish to be different from other companies.

We are aiming to release this game in two to three years after the competitive points of other companies.

Thank you.

Change History:

As our player wants it, we are removing the language restriction and adding the native language DLC.











Paid DLC:

We plan to release a lot of paid DLC and we are including this from the beginning. This “part of the game” will include a variety of things, with new quests, news, stories, quests, maps, weapons, and more.


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Reflecting Fate Features Key:

  • Three active player sides
  • An AI who responds to player moves
  • Different victory conditions
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Single space, compact rules
  • Well organized as always, contains a digestible introduction, lots of examples and with great art
  • Written by Simon Martineau
  • Sales!

    Like all Forge games, Reflecting Fate comes in three versions, the regular core game, a reduced version with only one side active, the complete ruleset with all five sides active. As an incentive I’m offering all of these versions to the n early audience for the price of a cup of tea. And better than that, each order includes my standard time-zone coordinated and nicely designed art print with the game title and the associated artwork available in four different sizes.

    This offer ends on 25th of April 2014.

    What is Forge?

    Forge is the database system I use for all of my super evolutionists . It allows me to put single grids of any size on a single page. 

    That results in a comfortable playing area, more or less big enough to accommodate 3 games on the same grid. Moreover, it allows me to adopt a Strat-o-matic style, where different piles of fate tokens show the top and bottom of the playing area.

    Forge has been available since 2005. Its usage among gamers is increasing. Few


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    About me
    I am shanel who frequently play games and read about his favorite games. I’m thinking about my next projects.

    About game
    It’s an action and detective thriller from 1st person with elements of mysticism
    The game features dozens of complex storylines available in the entire game world.
    The player can use dozens of weapons to fight, including a very diverse variety of weapons, bows, spears, cutlasses, axes, blowpipes and others that can be collected in your inventory.
    The player can find weapons and equipment in a variety of places: on the island, outside at the wasteland and on the whole, broken-down houses, buried beneath the floor.
    Mapping of the island is unique in nature, so to say, it took us more than a year to create it.
    The player can explore hundreds of houses, graveyards, caves, dungeons, roads, fortresses and other places in the world.
    The player can go through multiple narratives, and can interrupt the story of the villain.
    More than 70 quests.
    Will you be able to find the truth?

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: what’s the name of the game?A: it is Reflecting Fate
    Q: who made it?A: myself.
    Q: what genre of game is it?A: Action adventure.
    Q: what engine is it?A: Unity3D.
    Q: is there game available on other platforms?A: you can only play it on PS4.
    Q: will this game be released on other platforms?A: There’s no information about it so far.
    Q: how many languages are supported?A: most of all languages that exist.
    Q: what’s the game about?A: players can play as a detective, and the detective finds more and more suspicious data, for example, a dead body on the desert is a clue to begin tracking the murderer.
    Q: is the game released?A: the game is not released yet, but already available for free for PS4
    Q: when does the game release?A: it releases on March 1

    System requirements:
    Q: what operating system is the game available for?A: PS4 only, unfortunately.
    Q: what are your system requirements?A: below
    Q: will it be available on other platforms?A: sadly, there’s no information about it so far.

    Current Status:


    Reflecting Fate Crack +


    In the game you will play as one of the most famous residents of the island Denwood. The investigative trail starts immediately after the beginning of the game. By way of events you will get a temporary absence of detective agency, his wife sent her to see psychologist, because she suspected his involvement in the terrible mystery. Thanks to it, a possibility to return to solving the case was opened, but on condition that you prove your innocence. Remember that you dont have all the time. You need to act on the given time. And you can not rely on luck, as a fall, you lose it all. Therefore, you need to make sure every move you make; you need to save time and you can not be late. When you are not able to build up an accurate picture of the case, but an idea of what happened on the island, it is time to turn back to detective agency and change the plan of actions. In addition, the investigation also includes places in which you can conduct quizzes on events, answers to which will help you clarify the facts and enhance the chances of success. Many puzzles will be found in puzzles, some of them have an old school twist, on which it will be possible to apply the thinking of a detective and decipher the code of the destiny. You will have to find a solution to a lot of questions, and at this time it is important to prevent suspicion in the people of the team in which you are working. And you cant rely only on deduction, we also need reliable facts.

    If you play the game, you will not only enjoy a story well known by many, but you will also get the chance to learn a lot of valuable details on real life. Game gives an opportunity to delve into the lives of its characters, spend time with them and work together for its completion. In this game you will find out what is important to the main character and what drives him, you will learn the secrets of his family, you will know the heroes of the island, and you will meet a lot of interesting people. Game is designed as a detective thriller, and thanks to it, you will find a lot of intrigue, which can be found in famous detective novels. This game will definitely not let you take a short-sighted, closed and hasty path!

    Game style and story reflection is similar to the philosophy of games of the Max Payne 3. The idea is to show the entire history of the character, and in this case, a story of the first Resident


    What’s new in Reflecting Fate:

    is a video game for the PlayStation 2. It was developed by Level-5 and published by Nintendo in Japan on October 12, 2003, in Europe on October 29, 2003 and in North America on November 14, 2003.

    As a simulation of human life and the Social Link aspects between characters, reflecting fate focuses more on character relationships than combat. The game features an extensive variety of social links, ranging from friendship to love.

    The game features the participation of 27 famous actor-musicians from Japan. As players progress through the game, the player is taken through the wide variety of events in each actor’s life in a non-linear fashion. Reflecting Fate also marked the first time all four pieces from Reo Nonami’s “Kimi no Shirabe” became in-game videos, an opportunity not given to any past Level-5 game save Kanon. Reflecting Fate was promoted in Japan by a series of laucnh commercials directed by Ryu Suzuki. These commercials featured music videos from the game as well as preview footage of gameplay.

    Reflecting Fate has sold over one million copies.


    The game is set in the year 2010. The game is divided into five days, with one “Real” day in each place.

    Day 0: Sekai no Kusabi Day

    The game begins the day after Sekai no Kusabi (the song “Reflecting Fate”) is released. The story follows the development of the life of three musicians who have been employed as employees of the popular duo of musician JI-JO and artist Miwa Takada: twenty-nine-year-old Hideyuki Nagata, the youngest member of Suzuka, enjoys singing as part of his work and making a living; 27-year-old Kaori Iino, the oldest member of the Suzuka performing group, although only a secondary member of Suzuka, seems to have a more stable life than Nagata, maintaining her own apartment in the Suginami ward of Tokyo. The third worker, Miwa Takada, also an employee of Suzuka at the time, although not as a collaborator, is a well-known artist who is responsible for Suzuka’s music.

    There is focus on Nagata, who appears to be quite popular, with a record deal as a solo artist, a third best-selling album in Japan and significant fan support. Iino, with a number of years of experience as a performer but little popularity


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    System Requirements:

    * The system must be connected to a network; the internet connection is not required
    * The system does not require a specific language or a specific operating system
    * Minimum of 512 MB of RAM is recommended
    The rules
    In the game there are two main types of players: Anagidas (Plutocrats) and Goliaths (Peasants).
    Anagidas seek to increase their wealth by accumulating wealth, while Goliaths struggle to survive and keep their family together.
    The following are the key features of the game: