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Yargis – Extra Ships Extra Items Features Key:

  • New sea region
  • New items
  • 7 new types of ships
  • Introduction of pirate ship



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    What’s new:

    / Extra Impressions

    Dude, you come off the wrong coast? These are the wrong galaxy?

    Yeah, I am still explaining to the wife why we have to pay again for the annual travel agency trip… not very entertaining for all.

    I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on a query. I am coming off the 7500 Impressions, still registering lots of extra ships before I did the quest interaction with the Abendimer.

    My wife has asked for a larger screen to stretch her avatar out a bit when she’s cruising. This is coming at a perfect time for some extra shipbuilding, and I also plan to do some combat training.

    Will the quest rewards be expanded with higher level rewards for her special attributes? From what I’ve seen, most of her attributes are in the level 1 range, so that’s no problem.

    If so, should I expect the rewards to go up in installments or do those extras all go at one fell swoop?

    Can’t say too much for the expansions in this galaxy without better information on how they work.

    This is the first time I have had to adjust to Clippy since he appeared here many years ago.

    I know I am years past my previous incursion into Arda, but my plans are for the first several days to make sure that the Yargi’s max skill rating (without need of tinkering) is high enough that I don’t run off with any of his stuff. Then I figured that I will make some major decisions about who and what I carry and maintain a list of ships, munitions, and time – all of which he has served.

    Then I can graduate to the Engineer temple with its network of satellites, which will suit my plan to return to Ruffsett, e.g., repair ship, contact the Impressions, rebuild the capital of Hyperion, etc.

    One important difference, of course, will be no land mines or conventional spaceships.

    Bitter, I have accomplished much on wheels that you couldn’t ever find for yourself.

    Yes, I am a fan of the circular arrays. It offers a number of good advantages.

    First, I have more than I need of them.

    Second, I can build them at my leisure on myriad planets that I visit.

    The combinations are also inspirational.

    I don


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