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This is a Roblox Video Guide, in which we cover all the tips, tricks, best practices and answers to common questions. We cover setting up your account, customizing your own avatar, buying items, customizing your avatar further, downloading games and creating your own games. In our latest video guide, we also cover an in-game tips and tricks tutorial, where we show how to make a mobile running game using Roblox Studio.
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The following term was all created by Chris Rapin who will get a mention in the credits of the game at the end. It was then passed to the real fine people at Supercell. A lot of planning and hard work went into this. We also started this website and blog to give the community a place to keep up to date with the development and the news. We are grateful for the hard work they put in to make this game a reality.

From the team at Roblox

Welcome to Roblox, the place where you can imagine, create, and play.

Things are great here, people are nice, and the sky’s the limit.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The website isn’t just a game, it’s an entire virtual world – aka – with all kinds of people, games, and experiences to enjoy.

If you love playing games, building things, and entertaining your friends, we’ve got something for you.

In Roblox, anything is possible. Dream big, and make your dreams come true.

There are over 200 million monthly active players on Roblox, playing games together, creating cool things, and having fun. With more than 30 million Robux per day being earned from the store, players are able to buy in-game items like Robux, advanced Creator packs, or special stores for a small fee.

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Roblox games are available in the game app, the web, and in the Roblox desktop. The desktop is the only way to play Roblox games if you are using a computer or Mac.

The games can be played with your friends in a safe environment, free from ads, or you can join up with a community server.

Games play two ways: they can be played in between mini games called game modes, or quests that are available in the game app.

Modes are short loops of games that will either reward you with awesome prizes or keep you busy for a short time. Many of these modes can be played for free just to pass the time but some modes will give you an in-game prize as well.

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