Snowmobiles: AKVIS Plug-in Crackl PORTABLE 🤟🏿

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AKVIS Plug-in Crackl PORTABLE 🤟🏿


AKVIS Plug-in Crackl

AKVIS Lens is an image correction software that brightens and sharpens images. The software can improve brightness, adjust contrast, correct image defects such as aberrations, and more. You can fix red-eye effects, and a lot more. This tool is extremely beneficial for DSLR users. Its easy to use and have complete control over your images. Also, the software adjusts all kinds of images- digital photographs, RAW images, scanned images, video, and more. With a single click, the application can correct all kinds of the image distortions. You can even use the IRIS Blur tool to produce the effect that creates the custom lens blur you want.

Try all the features of the software during the free 10-day evaluation period.

You do not need to register. Just download the full version and start your Free Trial!<!–
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Windows: AKVIS Retoucher 12.0 Win 64-bit (Plugin+Standalone) AKVIS Retoucher 12.0 Win 32-bit (Plugin+Standalone)

Mac: AKVIS Retoucher 12.0 Mac 64-bit (Standalone App) AKVIS Retoucher 12.0 Mac 64-bit (Plugin)