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Casio Fx 880p Emulator

This is the CASIO PB-100 Pocket PC Simulator. It reproduces the unique BASIC of the PB-100 generation. (omitting the closing brackets …) With this computer you can write programs in BASIC language for PIC microcontrollers, ALU, Assembler.
Programs can also be written for FPGAs and processors. (omitting the closing brackets …)
It is also possible to write programs for other devices which can process signals.
But most importantly, you can write your own programs on this computer. And they can be useful not only for games, and for scientific research.
You can play all kinds of games with this computer. And also –

The first is a game: Little Castle. It uses the graphics of this calculator to the maximum… you’ll see castles, towers, swordsmen, candles, cars… and even, on one of them, you’ll be driving a car! Yes, you will drive a car! This is the real game! The second part is life: Build a house. You can decorate it, you can install furniture, you can even plant trees around it, but … what can you do for your wife and kids? What can you do for the country? What can you