Snowmobiles: Bird Pirates Game

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Bird Pirates Game

December 26, 2564 B.C. – Bird Pirates is a very beautifully designed marble shooting game. As the title suggests, the overall graphics and plot revolve around birds. Bird Pirates is a very beautiful game in which you are a bird. A bird that must collect a few pieces of marble (or eat a piece of marble, as you like). There are a lot of birds in these pieces of marble, and they are all different. And these birds fly to different places and have different personalities.

March 13, 2564 BC. – Shoot the birds with your cannon and match their colors to visit seven different islands and find great treasures. Beware of dangers, dear.. March 10, 2059 BC – During the week you build cannons to save your country. Then you use them to save the whole world and you go in search of the treasures of Atlantis. Be careful dear.
March 9, 2564 BC “The flood that destroyed your towers, flooded your cities, and destroyed your people. Your only option is to build cannons and destroy Atlantis, and you do it with the help of your friends, dear.