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Indian Penal Code Book Pdf In Tamil Free Download |BEST| 🔆

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Indian Penal Code Book Pdf In Tamil Free Download

the offence defined under section 124 of the indian penal code however is quite different. the three elements are defined by the code as: the first is the commission of acts which amount to sedition, the second is the belief of the offender in the commission of sedition by someone, and the third is the willful intention to incite or procure public servants to commit sedition against the government. the second part of the offence is quite different, and is independent of the first two elements. the second part of the offence comprises of acts or omissions of the offender (assuming that the intent of the offender is not required in this part) if any, which may be committed or omitted in the commission of the offence defined under section 124. any act or omission which is committed or omitted by the offender which constitutes an offence against the laws would be punishable under this section, and punishments are provided under this section depending on the part in which the offence is committed. for the same offence if committed without actual knowledge of its illegality, the punishment is imprisonment for a term which could be extended to ten years.

in gopal singh vs. state 19, the supreme court held that an offence under section 124a was, in fact, a different offence. reasoning behind this view was that if the knowledge that the act was illegal is an essential ingredient for the offence defined under section 124, then the proviso in section 124a makes the offence described under the latter section a distinct and different offence. [257] 18

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