Snowmobiles: Illusion Wizzard

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Illusion Wizzard

to help plan further spells to enchant herself, neo has a very powerful bard spellbook filled with powerful illusions. such spells allow her to build huge complex illusions to cover her movements, and also to transport an illusion whenever necessary for stealth.

melee fighting neo can use her illusions to create elaborate illusions around her body to block attacks and to disguise herself while otherwise moving unseen. she has to be able to project her illusions onto her foes and maintain them while moving unseen. in a single situation, using illusions can be dangerous if her opponent detects her while she’s near an illusion. for example, if the enemy attacks neo in the hallway and she tries to run away, the enemy may hit her before she can take herself outside of her illusion. also, when neo wishes to avoid being detected or move silently as a mage might, the risks of non-ideal conditions may not allow her to do so as safely as might be ideal.

counterspell neo has limited ways of piercing the illusions she creates. a thing can dispel something it can see, and if a thing has a basic or higher level spell that can see an illusion, it can dispel it. the spells are made to protect her, so an illusion that is already a dispel magic effect is not stopped, but the spells do stop other dispel magic spells or checks against illusions. [cs]

the best method of countering an illusion is to attack it. many illusions have weaknesses that can be used to destroy them, but the illusory version of someone or something might be only a fraction of the real one, and not be susceptible to those weaknesses. also, the illusions tend to be very convincing and will often seem unstoppable to their intended victim until they are directly attacked.

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