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the dominant ethical debate in politics in america is whether political candidates should disclose their tax returns. president trump says he wont, while democrats are demanding that all candidates release their returns. the graph below shows the winning candidates from 2012 and 2016. public funding for primary candidates came from the state, but private funding came from entities like business and unions. in 2016 more private money than public money came in, making it one of the more expensive races. trump, however, is first in both amounts spent and received. in 2014 the winning candidate for president spent $50 million ($27 million of that was from his own funds).

this graph compares the revenue generated from ticket sales at various venues to the income received from the venue. the ticket sales are grouped into three categories. the bars are different colors so the reader can appreciate the overall picture. this graph is not restricted to the united states. there was a major convention in san francisco in mid-september, which attracted foreign dignitaries, business leaders, and many other visitors. thats the 7th bar on the left.

in 2007, iowa, the nation’s most populous state, tried to expand its early primary. in iowa, voters are first selected for a statewide caucus, then in each of its 1,991 districts. the twelve district caucuses are scheduled by local parties on successive saturdays. [46] in 2007, iowa decided to stagger the district caucuses, starting with the first district on april 4 and finishing the last district on june 3. had iowa chosen to have its state caucuses on april 4, the winner of the district caucus in district 10 (des moines) would have received the 1,991st delegate.

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We sought to compare the vascular variations in the carotid artery system and the methods of administration of intra-arterial thrombolytics. The CTA and/or DSA of the carotid artery system of 45 patients were reviewed. In all cases, contrast was injected via a side port through the femoral artery after starting the femoral venous line by inserting a catheter in the ipsilateral femoral vein. A retrospective review was performed and the variations in the carotid artery and aortic arch system, and the differences in post-infusion images were noted and compared with those on angiograms obtained after direct access. Variations in the carotid artery system were observed in 11/45 (24%) cases, which included carotid-cavernous fistula (n = 3), true aneurysms (n = 3), and ectasia (n = 5). The incidence of such variations was not significantly different from those in our previous study. Post-infusion cerebral venography did not reveal significant differences in the post-infusion vascular variation between injections through the ipsilateral and contralateral femoral veins. With