Snowmobiles: Parliament Jokes Sinhala Movie Torrent 1

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Parliament Jokes Sinhala Movie Torrent 1


Parliament Jokes Sinhala Movie Torrent 1

astute viewers noticed the referential nods to this year. one of the first scenes in mad max: fury road (a time-travel story with an impressively stylised set), shows imperator furiosa (charlize theron) backing onto the edge of a skyscraper. the curve she takes sees her aligning with the date on the building, april 17, 2015. that particular day was meant to mark the 50th anniversary of the original mad max film, and this arguably represented a not-so-subtle swipe at the legion of alt-reich auteurs that dominate the indies circuit today, who get to have their dadaist sensibilities validated as auteurs when theyre actually commercial affairs. theres no man on a white horse this time, but mad max is, at the same time, about manly daddys who played the game and had fun with the concept. thats true of the film as a whole, not just the date angle.

i go to killer klowns from outer space for a little deliciously dangerous fun, to get my mind off my pending winter vacation, to feel free for a moment to be a child again, and to escape with a smile on my face. thats why, along with all the other reasons, i go to killer klowns from outer space. its a cartoon (no less than eight times), a ride at a theme park (two and a half to three times) and a movie (once you get in your seat). it never takes itself seriously. director, actor and on-screen writer tim kazurinsky, who is a regular panelist on the fox sitcom new girl, goes for a perfect mix of goofiness, monster movie and comedy, and he has the advantage of a safe, unthreatening premise: the tongue-in-cheek humour is drained from the monsters, who turn out to be a family of lovable klowns who just wanna have a good time. the relative simplicity of the project allows him and co-writer/co-director marc steiner to keep the focus on the characters, who are given as much to be silly and fun as they are to be menacing and deadly.

“Nitin and his team at Temple Films have one of the strongest. conversation about new technologies, political trends and whether or not they are trending towards being regulated. Both the films have had an A-class filmic.
I’m Greg Hands, Conservative Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham.
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