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Download Mozilla Firefox Gratis Versi Lama

with its tiny footprint and fast startup time, mozilla firefox is probably your best choice for a default browser. while most firefox installers will automatically add various browser extensions, users can also download the browser from the mozilla website and manually add the browser’s extensions themselves. here are a few tips for getting more out of the tool:

rachael says: 03/10/2011 firefox was recommended by the author and i was able to set the home page. thanks for the hint. eugene r. says: 02/10/2011 mozilla firefox 1.0.3 was found to not to have the best serviceability (where i work) and recommend that this be updated and the update made available to this report. doug says: 01/10/2011 thanks for the good info. robert says: 03/09/2011 thanks for the good info. i want to know how do i set homepage to start search bar instead of a default page? andrew says: 01/09/2011 added report to the list. veronica says: 01/08/2011 firefox portable should be on the list. juan says: 01/07/2011 cool, thanks. micheal says: 01/07/2011 hi there, i am wanting to set the home page in firefox under the new version. how do i do this. any further info would be appreciated. michael. carl says: 01/06/2011 this is pretty cool, the only problem i’m having is that there’s no firefox for mac version of this. i downloaded the portable version to try to get a firefox up and running on my mac, but when i want to click the “open in safari” it says that it can’t open the.pkg file. so it seems like something was messed up on the download. laurianne says: 01/05/2011 there should be an explicit section about an automatic test download and test drive for all browsers. i was just downloading firefox 3.5 and was getting the regular download of firefox 3.5 and was not asked to open the installer and was redirected immediately to firefox marketplace after install. could something have been missed? doug says: 01/05/2011 thanks for adding it as a report! laurianne says: 01/05/2011 i can’t get an automated firefox download to work here. i read on the list that there was going to be a test drive system for browsers and that ff would be part of that test drive.