Snowmobiles: Wii Youtube Wad [NEW]

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Wii Youtube Wad

while youtube has childrens-oriented channels, it also has hundreds of others that are not child-directed, including a channel with the name of a popular sports team. the ftc alleges that google created its youtube kids app to provide a safe, kid-friendly platform for children to view the channels and videos it sponsors.

according to the ftc, youtube included a link for children to access this platform on its homepage and in emails to parents. however, the links to youtube kids were hidden in the app or channel list, and youtube hid the link in the app from adult users. youtube also prominently featured the youtube kids logo on its homepage and the youtube kids logo as the thumbnail image for its youtube kids channel, which had been promoted for kids.

the ftc alleges that google violated coppa by providing the youtube kids app to google account holders with children under the age of 13 and by allowing them to access the app without age-appropriate protections in place.

the ftc is asking the court to order google to, among other things, block google account holders from accessing the youtube kids app and delete the youtube kids apps save data and content. the ftc is also asking the court to order google to monitor and remove any inappropriate content from youtube kids and from the channels it sponsors.

the ftcs complaint also claims that youtube has refused to take responsibility for its actions, despite requests that it do so. after the ftcs complaint was filed, google said it had learned from its review of youtube and that it had already fixed the problems. google then made two official statements to the media, at the ftcs request, promising to do better.