Snowmobiles: New! Tellwatch 2007 V9l

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New! Tellwatch 2007 V9l

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New! Tellwatch 2007 V9l

the application allows you to create a model of the movement that one can manipulate. once youre done, the watchmaker will need to rectify this model, and then customise the movement. with this latter process, the version of tellwatch with the origins of polysoft is made, and this software has been improved from one version to the next. in this way, a movement can be made that is compatible with the tellwatch software.

the tellwatch creators are very proud of the 30,000 people who downloaded the application within a year of its launch. they did not count customers whose accounts they consider fake, who do not need to pay. there are people who have not yet seen a physical watch, and then there are those who havent even worn one. the basic version of the application is free to download. its update functions, which include new movements, are initially free, and the premium function can be activated, with a pro version of the application.

the production of professional tools like cad/cam has never been easy. with the recent increase in complexity, thanks to the rapid development of new technologies and tools, the market for such products continues to grow. polysoft tell has managed to develop something different, which will prove interesting in the watch industry. a 6-year project, the latest version of the software is now coming to the market, following technical developments and lessons learnt on all levels. polysoft tell has created a new kind of product, that is designed to meet the needs of traditional watchmakers. it can optimize any part of the watchmaking process, right down to selecting the exact components. if you want to know more about tellwatch, you should download the free version at polysoft tell.